What is LDS? It's shorthand for Latter-day Saints, which is shorthand for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , which is the actual name of the religion that many people know as the Mormons. We are a Christian religion, we fully believe in Jesus Christ as God and as the only Savior and Redeemer for all mankind, but we are not Catholic and we are not Protestant . We are a new religion because we have not come out of the old churches. The "primitive" church as known by the original 12 Apostles has been restored in the latter days directly by the hand of Jesus Christ through prophets, apostles, angels, and revelations in our day . I know that you are thinking (because that's what I used to think) we must be crazy to believe in these sorts of things happening today. But maybe you should be thinking instead - why shouldn't these things be happening today? Every time God has spoken with men and made them prophets, other men have always first assumed that they were crazy. Even after miracles and mighty works the prophets have always been hated and killed.

Most people thought Jesus Christ and his followers were crazy. Despite all the miracles there was only a small number of people who believed Him. It took hundreds of years for Him to be accepted generally. Throughout history God has always chosen men to speak to directly. These men, called prophets and/or apostles, then delivered the word to the people. Why would you think that we as a people are so special, or so backwards, that we have no need of what God has always given to humankind? God's work is not finished, neither are His words. In a society like ours that is tossed about to and fro by every wind of doctrine or new fad, doesn't it make sense to have someone who can authoritatively say, "Thus sayeth The Lord..."?

But of course you should never take my word (or any one else's word) for something this important. You can never even know with certainty if your own conclusions about God and life are true. But that's OK, because God has set things up such that each person can know for themselves if what we proclaim is true, not trusting in their own conclusions but knowing through the witness of the Holy Spirit.

What has God set up for us? -
Read Keith And Catherine's Quick Testimony .

or try
An Experiment for Atheists / Agnostics  ----  A Method To Determine if God Exists

Keith's Full length Conversion and Testimony
Catherine's Full length Conversion and Testimony

THE BOOK OF MORMON - Another Testament of Jesus Christ - A modern miracle, written "to the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting himself unto all nations". Jesus has not left us to argue things out among ourselves. This book has been delivered to convince the skeptics, and teach the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Put prejudice aside and it's easy to see that the Book of Mormon contains information that could not be known by anyone but God when it was published in 1830. The Book of Mormon is the closest thing to 'proof' of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

See our Book of Mormon Page - Give it a fair chance with an open mind and see what the book has to say .



The House of the Lord - Holiness To The Lord
We are a "Forever Family". Did your marriage ceremony have a built in divorce clause - 'Until death do you part'? Only the restored authority of the priesthood has the power to "bind in heaven what is bound on earth". In the Temples of the Lord a couple are 'sealed' together for time and for all eternity . This eternal bond is shared with the children, so that a family is not only the basic unit of society, but is part of an eternal joy. The LDS Temple is often confusing to others, this is what it's about.

And Now the the Incredible Exciting Nearly Interactive Tutorial


Here to help us visualize the past dealings of God with the world and what He is doing in our days.
Also go to the official Church site for LDS Basic Beliefs which has an incredible amount of information.

Some Random Apologetics:

The Biblical Trinity - The Testimony of Two Men is a page which reveals what a plain literal interpretation of the scriptures teaches about the true Nature of God and the Trinity.  or 2nd formal version

Some Reflections on Daniel Chapter 2 the interpretation of Daniel Chapter 2 should not be the difficult task that many try to make it out to be - just follow the pattern given and stick with it whether you like the results you get or not.

Top Ten Reasons I Believe the Book of Abraham
is a page which arose out of some questions from a friend who is very active in a "Mainstream" Christian Church. I suppose he had read information about the book that told there is nothing that supports it as genuine. Although most people won't be familiar with the issues involved, this page explains why I personally still believe The Book of Abraham, despite the critics. (If you do nothing else read my Reason #1.)

One of the Best Conversations is a page discusing some issues a friend of mine had about the Book of Mormon, including the Bethlehem - Jerusalem Confusion, A possible misquoted quote of Jesus Christ's, the relation ship between Grace, Faith and Works, Racism and Discrimination, How to tell a true prophet, and a few other assorted topics.

Testimonies With Tim is a page concerning some discussions with a friend about the testimonies of some people who have left the LDS Church. I try to answer, at length, his question about why people could leave if it is "The True Church", and also answer why almost 1000 converts per day join the LDS Church.

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